Monday, 13 May 2013

Diamond Jewellery buying Guide

Tips while buying Diamond Jewellery:

  • Certificate from IGI (International Gemological Institute) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a must.
  • Please do not go for local jeweler’s certification. This can lead to pricing disputes at the time of exchange.
  • Please understand the buyback policies of the jewelers before buying. (Do it even if you don’t have any future plans to exchange it)
  • Preserve your Diamond Jewellery certificate Crefully.
  • 4Cs are really important factors while buying diamond.
  • Color, Carat weight, Cut & Clarity. Please check your Diamond certificate.
  • has discussed very well about diamond colors.

  • Indian markets have generally “Colorless”& “Near colorless” type of diamonds used in Jewellery.  
  • Still I would recommend that you should not go beyond “I”.
  • Carat weight of Diamonds should not be confused with “Karat” which indicates purity of Gold 22K /24 K.
  •  Note that the carat weight does not refer to exactly one figure. It comprises of stones within a certain weight range. For example:
    • 1 carat - Stones in weight range of 0.95 ct to 1.05 ct
    • 0.75 carat - Stones in weight range of 0.72 ct to 0.76 ct
    • 0.50 carat - Stones in weight range of 0.47 ct to 0.56 ct
    •  0.25 carat - Stones in weight range of 0.23 ct to 0.26 ct

  •  “Cut” of the diamond is different from the “Shape” of the diamond.
  • Shape refers to the general appearance of the diamond like round, pear, princess, oval, radiant, heart, cushion etc.
  • Cut refers to the proportions, polish, and symmetry of a stone which results in best possible light reflection.
  • Consider Cutting grades before buying :
    •  Ideal/ Excellent – Excellent light performance. Reflects almost all of the light that enters. Rare and extremely beautiful cuts.
    • Very Good – Very good light performance. Reflects almost all of the light that enters. Very Good diamond cuts are considered to be an outstanding value.
    • Good – Good light performance. Reflects most of the light that enters. Good diamond cuts are far less pricey than Very Good cuts.
    • Fair – Not as brilliant as a Good cuts or above, Fair diamond cuts are still considered good quality diamonds.
    • Poor – Poor cut diamonds are typically cut too shallow or too deep causing much of the light to leak out of the diamond's sides and base.
  • Clarity refers  to the impurities present in the diamond. Less the impurities great the Diamond.

  • My suggestion that one should not go beyond VVS1/VVS2, if you are looking for the best quality of diamond for regular use.
  • Diamond jewellery is usually made in 18K Gold. Please check the current price of 18K gold at the time of purchase coz standard gold rate is for 24K or 22K and 18K is much much cheaper than the rest. 
  • Yes girls !!! Diamond rates also change. Just like Gold, Silver, Diamond rates also gets appreciated / depreciated over the period. So now you can change your old, boring Diamond Ring and get a new stuff without spending much coz diamond rates are increased. Check your jewelers. :)
Happy shopping !!!