About us

Why you need shopping consultant :

  1. Shopping can be very tiring and tedious at times. 
  2. Shopping in Delhi markets can be little confusing and scary.
  3. Vendors can overcharge new shoppers.
  4. Places which can give you good deal in terms of price and quality can be difficult to find
  5. Shopping in delhi markets can even leave you aimless / clueless
  6. You have very few days left for wedding/ function to attend

How can we help you in shopping?

If you in Indian / NRI or Foreigner, 

“Sassy Elegance”  is a service provider for Indians / Foreigners / NRIs and even for those who are staying in India,for those who love Indian clothing and believe that Delhi is the place where they will get the most elegant, stunning, reasonably priced Indian fashion outfits and accessories right from Delhi!!!  

If you want us to be your shopping guide to take you to the Delhi's secret fashion places, or you would like browse our selected outfits / Cosmetics / Footwear and desire to have it at your door step - Sassy Elegance is the best choice.  

We can discuss over Email/ Phone/ Skype about your tastes, lifestyle, specific requirements, priorities, budgets and desires.

We will make sure to ship the product at earliest to your door step within your budget and specifications.

If you are visiting Delhi, we will make sure that you will have a memorable and hassle free shopping experience. We can plan your shopping itinerary and even accompany you to help selecting a product and even negotiations.